Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dear London,

Thank you for teaching me the person I want to be- and also the person I do not want to be. Thank you for showing me Indian food. I am in love. Paris…. need I say more. I am also in love. You taught me to LOVE TO LEARN- I had to take classes I would have never ever taken if I had the choice, but I had to learn to work hard, and that wasn’t easy. It was all worth it. I learned so much.Thank you for teaching me time management, and to do homework. Thank you for teaching me tolerance and patience. It is roughing sharing a house with 50 other people… I would do it again. You taught me to love public transport. Tyler and I share that love. I am now tube literate. Nutella… enough said. Markets- I have always loved the farmers market in salt lake, but it does not even come close to the London markets. Rosemary and Ossaro- my sweet primary children- thank you for reminding me the basics of the gospel. Also- for making me play the piano in primary… I want to get better, and then maybe I can play both hands at the SAME time. Thank you for teaching me how to soak up every experience, and to never miss out on any opportunity. I learned to love that library- I spent countless hours in that place. Thank you for introducing me to Pink Lady Apples- they’re amazing. Thanks to Political Science… it taught me where all the countries in the world are. It was my favorite class! Thank you mom and dad. This was a LIFE CHANGING experience that I will never ever forget. I learned came to better appreciate so many things- art, culture, technology, school, friends, learning, the church… the list goes on and on. Most of all- I came to appreciate my family, and those I am close to. I missed them all so much and was reminded how special they each are to me and how much I love them. London… you will always have a little piece of my heart! Thank you for everything you taught me… until we meet again. (I hope it is sometime soon)

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