Wednesday, April 21, 2010


guess what i saw today... airplane tracks!!!! most people probably think, wow why are you so excited to see an airplane in the sky?? and i would tell them, well you see- planes are in the air today leaving tracks, so that means i can be in the air tomorrow. yes- tomorrow! i am going to finally be home tomorrow- just as long as everything goes as planned. i have been on the phone with american airlines for the past 48 hours pretty much shuffling flights around. just in case you need to call american airlines, the number is 1800-433-7300. i have it memorized, and i know all the loopholes to get through the annoying voice automated crap. all my roommates have heard me say for the past few days is "agent" that the best way to get what you want. i have had probably 6 different bookings itineraries and finally- hopefully this one will work out. i love london, but i am very excited to be home. my fingers are crossed.

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  1. You'll never look at airplane tracks the same way...

    I still can't believe I'm not going to see you! :(