Friday, April 9, 2010


the last leg of the north trip was a little stop in liverpool. i loved it- it was very short but totally worth it. the night we got there, we just checked in and the hotel, then a few of us went to dinner at wagamama. it is this thai place that is sooo good. i forgot to say no shrimp in my dish... but i ate them anyway- (dad you owe me like 20 bucks! they were actually kinda cute shrimp... little baby ones the size of my thumb nail probably.) the next morning we met as a group on albert dock. there was a statue there that the church donated of a mormon family preparing to set sail to america. this was especially cool for me, because i know that my ancestors did that! my great grandma left from liverpool as a small girl, and because of her, and her family's courage to immigrate- i am alive!
{me and rachel blending in with the statue}

{me and tori on the dock!}
after this, tori and i went to the maritime museum, and the slavery museum. this was sooo moving. i really loved it. each day i find myself being more and more intrigued by serious and sad things- i guess it is because i just really feel for the people that had to go through things- and try to put myself in their shoes. it's a good reminder of what i do have- i have so much respect for them. something that really stuck out to me, was somthing that the african american athlete jesse owens said after he won four gold medals in the 1936 olympic games in berlin... "i wasn't invited to shake hands with hitler, but i wasn't invited to the whitehouse to shake hands with the president either..." now we have an african american as president... look how far we have come. there was also a section on human trafficking- i have learned a lot about this in the bast few months, and it is so sad. after learning even more, i became more motivated to raise awareness. the hour i spent in this section of the museum is something i will never forget. i just realize how lucky i am to live in the time that i do, and i also know that there are so many people in the world that need help, and i need to do my best to help them.
{some good quotes from the museum... click to enlarge.}
the next stop was the long awaited beatles museum. it was a lot of fun! it was an audio-guide tour, and i have a hard time with those sometimes... i am not very patient- but it was still fun to do. i love the beatles so much. seeing all the album covers reminded me of my childhood- and my brothers' giant c.d. case with a substantial beatles collection. the gift shop was awesome too- i got some great souvenirs- and also some great pictures. i love you john, ringo, paul, and george.

{chillin with ringo- my body looks funky}

{how bout them pants?? they wouldn't fit so they are just hanging from my wasit}

{ok- so i am a little obsessed with the bobble heads- they are just so cute. }
{john lennon's piano. legit. }


  1. Wish I could have been there with you!