Tuesday, April 20, 2010


believe it or not... that is the name of the volcano that has been erupting in iceland since last wednesday, and has prevented me from going home. i had a flight home saturday, but it got canceled along with hundreds of other flights in europe because the ash from Eyjafjallajokull has ruined the air quality and poses a threat to all aircrafts. luckily, i got resceduled to leave today at noon. i was expecting my flight to get canceled- but it jsut got delayed until 7:30 tonight. because of the delay, i would get to salt lake 15 minutes after my flight left for hawaii for school. mom did some hard work, and found a flight leaving dallas, that had a three hour layover in SLC, so i could make a bag swap and be on my way to hawaii on schedule. i woke up this morning just to find out that there was another explosion during the night, and that the volcano is showing signs of intensifying activity. i couldn't and wouldn't believe it! but then i got the friendly email notification that my flight for tonight has been canceled. i can't believe it! everything worked out so well despite the first cancellations. since i will not make it to hawaii in time for classes (they started yesterday) i will most likely have to withdraw. it is such a bummer, but i know that there is nothing i can do about it. thank you mother nature. i have been on hold with american airlines for the past hour, but i still have faith. i hope i can get back to the states soon! wish me luck!

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