Wednesday, April 14, 2010

tw0 places at once...

for our very last group outing, we took a cruise on the thames to greewich. it was such a beautiful day, and the perfect day for a boat ride. greenich was really neat. we got to see the prime meridian! this is the line of zero longitude, that separates the eastern and western hemispheres. this is also where greenwich meantime (gmt)/universal time originated from. i was looking forward to seeing the camera obscura there, but it was closed! i was so sad. i really enjoyed this day, because i learned all about gmt last semester in astronomy, and i was finally able to make a connection from a class that i took prior to my time here. everyone else here has had a ton of art history/humanities courses, so they know about lots of the things we see... unlike me, but i am learning so much everyday! oh... and the greenwich market was the best! we had lunch there, and it was so hard to decide what i wanted... there were so many tummy options! of course i decided on a buffalo burger with grilled onions and cheese. it was so yummy... i love burgers and markets.

{anna,me, leslie, arrin, alyssa, and reesa}
{the eye}

{sad day}
{the prime meridian}

after the market, we had a fun photoshoot outside our flats. i love palace court, and can't believe it is already time to leave. it has gone by so fast. i have two days left. sad. sad. sad.

{my humble abode for the last few months.}

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