Saturday, April 10, 2010


tori, eliza, and i took a quick weekend trip to ireland after the trip to northern england with the group. we flew out of liverpool and got to dublin just in time for dinner. we checked into our cute hotel- the maldron, and went on the hunt for a place to eat... we were all starving. it was good friday, so the whole city was dead, but we still managed to have a fun night, and ate a delicious dinner at hard rock cafe. we love hard rock, and hard rock loves us! all the music videos they played were so good, and we ate way way way to much- but it was totally worth it.
{love all, serve all}{milkshakes, a juicy burger, and dessert too!}
the next morning, we woke up at 5 a.m. to get to the train station in time for our tour to blarney castle! i was so tired, but luckily i had a three hour train ride to sleep! we got to blarney and got to kiss the blarney stone- once you kiss it, you are supposedly blessed with eternal eloquence, and good luck. the rest of the tour was not what we expected. we were hoping to see more of the contryside, but instead we got a tour of the irish towns of cork and cobh. despite our dissapointment about the coutryside, we did get to see where the i phone is made, a neat cathedral, the irish coast, and the last port of call for the titanic!

the train ride back into dublin was beautiful. we got to see a lot of the green irish country, and even though it was from the train- it was still so pretty! we got back to the hotel, and got dinner there... believe it or not it was delicious. after we went to the temple bar area and experience the irish nightlife. we tried to go into this famous pub- st. john ghogarty's, and the bouncer asked us our age, and we told him, and he said... "sorry you have to be 21-" thats a lie! he probably just thought we were younger than 18 or something- but it wasn't a big deal... we just we went in the back door! the next morning, we went to easter mass. that was a really cool experience. i was a little bummed we missed out on confrence, but i can't wait to read them when i get home. after mass, we went to the cutest little restraunt called elephant and castle. it was so good! after eating, we went and saw the blindside. that was my third time seeing it, and i still love it. it is definitley one of my favorite movies. it is so inspiring. if you haven't seen it, watch it! it is the best. i am so glad i had the opportunity to see ireland, even though it was a short trip. hopefully i'll make it back someday.


  1. Didn't you love all the cute little pubs on every corner?

  2. Yes! They were so cute. and i love the color of this one! my favorite.