Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i m p e r i a l
w a r
m u s e u m.

this is by far my most favorite thing so far. i am fascinated by WWII and so this was my kind of museum. i made a quick trip there between classes and dinner, so i didn't have much time but i loved it. we spent most of our time in two sections of the museum: children and the war, and the holocaust exhibition. it was very interesting to see how the young children were affected. i learned that during the war, there were over one million children evacuated from london during the war, mainly to more rural parts of england, but some were brought all the way to america. there were children traveling on the lusitania that was sunk on its way to the states. a member of the stake presidency was actually evacuated when he was a boy (3), with his brother (1). they were only gone for a few months, but some kids were gone for years, or never came back because they lost their parents to the war. i loved hearing all his stories first hand. he told us about this museum, so the first chance i got i had to go! the holocaust exhibition was also very interesting. i am so moved by what happened in the war, expecially with the holocaust. i didn't have time to finish going through this room, so i am for sure going to go back to finish it and see the rest of the museum... if i have to go alone i will- perhaps i should, because i will probably be there for the whole day! i am so glad i had the opportunity to learn more about the war... that is one thing that i will never get sick of!

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