Wednesday, February 24, 2010

middle temple & dickens.

ok... well this is the third time i have tried to post this... so now it is going to be brief because i am fed up. so we went to a fancy shmancy lunch at middle temple. this is one of the four inns of court where their members are called to the english bar as barristers. my favorite part was probably the sparkling water. it was so delicous. i drank a whole bottle by myself. i also got to touch a table that was made from wood that was on the first ship to circumnavigate the glob. cool huh?

after lunch we had some time to kill before our next appointment, so we decided to take a walk around the westminster area. we saw the houses of parliament. (again... but this time i actually payed close attention to them) they are sooooo cool. they are very intricate and massive... it was quite the sight to see. we stopped to snap a few photos on the westminster bridge too. it was a rainy day, so i was very thankful for my umbrella.

after our walk we went to the charles dickens museum. this was actually where dickens lived once. cool huh? although i have never read any of dickens books, he is a legend... so i probably should. at least i can say i have been to his house!

{haven't read it, but i've seen it!}

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