Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tintern Abbey & Caerphilly

on our way to wales, we stopped at tintern abbey. it was sooo neat. as you know, i have a love for churches, but how about churches with green green grass for the floor, and the sky for the ceiling. most of the walls were in tact somewhat... enough to know that it was a church. it was so pretty.

after the abbey, we went to the museum of welsh life. it would have been more enjoyable if it weren't cold... but that is ok. it was kind of like" this is the place" state park in utah. they try to re create authentic welsh life. my favorite part was smelling the manure. it made me a little homesick. i found my long lost calves smokey and spot. :) after this, we went into cardiff and went to dinner and stayed the night in a hotel. i had a queen size bed to myself! it was so nice. i went to bed at 10 o'clock, and had a great nights sleep!

we also went to caerphilly castle. this was really cool too. and really really old. i didn't expect it to be so small... i mean it was big, but the actual castle part was smaller than i expected. i guess i was usted to going to palaces and things like that, that were more extravagant. all of the rooms were empty, except for the grand hall... where i decided to do a headstand. . . on the huge table! it was very cool to see the fortresses and things around the castle too! it was a beautiful day, and the skies were blue blue blue. :)

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