Friday, March 19, 2010

paris... day one.

we had to wake up really early monday morning to get ready to go ro paris! i have kitchen crew this week so i woke up extra early to get breakfast out and stuff for sack lunches ready. we all quickly ate, made our lunches, and cleaned up, and made our way to the train station to get on the eurostar aka- the chunnel. i got to sit my maddy, and we had an enjoyable train ride- sleeping most of the way. arriving was surreal- and now that i am back in london, it still feels that way. i don't feel like i just spent the week in paris! we got of the train, and i tried to learn some french from the signs in the train station, while waited for our mercedes-benz coach to take us to chartres. it was so weird to see everything in french.

chartres is a charming town about an hour outside of paris. stepping off the benz, i instantly was in love with paris... for the weather alone! the sun was shining, and it was "no jacket needed" weather, which i am not used to because you always need a jacket in london! we visited the cathedral there, and it was amazing. we had a cute little tour guide that was the chartres guru. it was really interesting, and he had so much information to tell us. inside they have the relic that was supposedly worn by mary when she gave birth to Christ. the church was really cool (literally- there were a few windows open, and so being in a huge stone building for an hour got pretty chilly)... another great church to add to my list. i got my first french crepe there too... nutella and banana.
{jen, me, liza, kira}

{the holy relic}

{how bout this carousel? it was just in the middle of town. cute}
{crepe. yummy. . . nutella on my face.}

after the cathedral, we jumped back onto the benz, and it took us to our hotel in paris. shar (my cute roommate) and i checked into our room, and then jen, tori, jake, mads, liza, mk, and i went to dinner, to the eiffel tower! it tooks us a while to find it, but once we did i was amazed at it's capacity. it was soo big! way bigger than i imagined it. we met up with shar, and then waited in line for a long long time to get to the top of the tower, but it was totally worth it. the view was amazing! haha- funny story... we all love to tease jen, so jake decided to propose to her on top of the tower, and he did and she was so surprised. we all cheered and gave her much unwanted attention, and so did the little spanish teeny boppers who saw it all happen- we had then convinced it was real. what if it was? that would be so cool... i could easily get engaged there too! every hour on the hour, the tower lights up with blinking white lights to make it look like it is sparking- it was really neat to see. it took us forever to get off the tower, and by the time we got to the bottom, it was too late to take the metro, so we got a taxi back to the hotel. i didn't end up getting to bed until about 1:30, but it was totally worth it!

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