Saturday, March 13, 2010

today me and liza took a trip out to wimbledon. this is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, and is usually the most prestigious. it is one of four "grand slam" tennis tournaments, and is the only one that is still played on the games original surface, grass, which gave the game its name grass tennis. i have never watched wimbledon, let alone tennis, nor know much about it, but i have always wanted to learn how to play. when i was younger my mom tried to get me to play, and i wish i would have taken her up on that offer. we took a tour that was about an hour and a half that took us all over the "all england tennis club". we got to go one court #1 and centre court, where the championship match takes place. we also got to go into the interview room where the athletes get interviewed after their big wins! the whole place was so "shi-shi-poo-poo". i mean, all the clocks were giant rolex watches! and on centre court, they had giand sun lamps to provide artificial light to keep the grass green... but i guess this is the tennis mecca, so special tanning beds for the grass, and high class clocks are only the beginning. i had no idea how long some tennis matches can go, but our guide said that in the last men's single's final, the match lasted almost 4 hours with 77 games! last year, serena williams won, beating her sister venus in the final match, and the two of them won women's doubles together. i can't even imagine what it would be like to go agianst your sister in the final round of the most important tournament in the world, and then turn around and be her teammate to win doubles. both girls have won singles at wimbledon many times. the girls get a big fancy silver plate if they win, so i can only imaging what they china cabinet looks like at home! well here is another thing london has inspired me to do... learn to play tennis!

{court one}

{this was so cool... there is a tennis net behind that}

{i wanted to go lay on the grass to catch some rays}
{centre court}

{sister v. sister}
{how bout that for a clock?}
{liza and i getting ready to talk about our big win}

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