Friday, March 19, 2010

paris... day four.

today i spent the day with the beloved jennifer. we woke up late, because i overslept... it is usually the other way around. we started the day off at the orangerie museum and took a gander at monet's water lillies. they were beautiful. i really enjoyed this museum- it was relativly small, but filled with impressionist art. they had a lot of picasso too- and i loved André Derain's collection too. we saw a lady painting a copy of this inside the museum- and it was so exact. it was so amazing to watch her. i wish i was an artist.
after, we went to sacre coeur basilica. this was the best view yet of paris. the church itself was beautiful, and very unique... unlike the other churches in paris. it was quite the hike to get up there, but totally worth it. this is a famous lookout for painters, and we even saw one in action. two artists in one day... so cool. the inside was beautiful there too, and we were there for noon mass, and so we heard the choir singing, so i especially loved that. we sat on the steps and reminisced about high school, and all our guy friends. we both think the world of them... they are all great guys. i miss them. it was so cool to just sit and talk and look at the city. another gerald r. ford moment.
after the church, we did a little more shopping, and then went back for some more ice cream, and it was just as good the second time. we had a rough time getting to the train station, but thanks to the help of britin and katie, we made it! i listened to bon iver the whole ride home, and enjoyed a huge pink lady apple. i had the intention to read my scrips and write in my journal, but i was to exhausted! i was just go go go the whole time but it was totally worth it.

i loved paris so much. i really did, and i am so thankful for the opportunity i had to visit. i grew closer to friends, spent time with new people, and made new friendships stronger. it was an amazing experience that i will never forget it. je'taime paris.

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