Saturday, March 13, 2010

a walk in the country...

we got to go on a hike with a member from the stake presidency. he took us on a walk through the english country side... it was so beautiful- all nine-ish miles of it! we literally walked through farms. i guess there is some regulation in england that farmers have to allow people to walk through their fields and we did just that! it was was so so pretty. for being so cold, i can't believe how green it was. i can't even imagine what it would be like in the summer! we walked through many fields, and even through fields with sheep in it! i saw lots of horses, and made me miss sadie and sage! i can't wait to get home and ride them! i am so glad we had the opportunity to get out of the city and get a breath of fresh air!

{pre hike photo... with my eyes closed.}

ressa, caroline, me, tori, rachel, laura, christina, and kalyn
{see... i nearly got ran over by a tractor!}
{cool bridge huh?}
{this asian looking tree in england?? weird.}
{forget me... check out those sheep!}
{this is where hops grow... that is what they use to flavor beer}
{green... need i say more?}

{ok- so this isn't from the walk, but i just thought i would show my horse love.}
sage and i.
{one very green farm}
{i saved the best for last. . . jammin' to my ipod.}
photo by mk.

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