Sunday, March 7, 2010

keats house, hamstead heath, and the kenwood house.

on fridays, we have a little field trip as a group to see something within the london area. this week we went to john keats house... he was a romantic poet. once again... i wish my lovely cousin lou was here with me- she would have loved it.

after keats house, we took a trek in this big park called "the heath" it doesn't have paved trails, and it felt like i was back at home in the mountains. it was very muddy, and my boots have zero traction so i had to be extra careful. the sun was shining and it was such a beautiful day. i was so happy to finally need to wear my shades. :)

after lots of twists and turns, we made it to the kenwood house. if you have ever seen the movie notting hill, the kenwood house is where Julia Roberts was filming her Henry James film.the house was so gorgeous, and the grounds around it were too! thanks to the sun, the area around the house looked very green. it was beautiful! i could live there easily. it was nice to have a little nature stroll in the sun, and get rid of the busy london scene. (without riding on a coach for hours)
{how would you like to see this when you look out your window?}

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