Friday, March 5, 2010

on our day trip this week we got to visit stratford-upon-avon... i was wishing so bad that my cousin lou was with me. she would have loved it so much! we went to anne hathaway's house that she grew up in. she was shakespeare's wife. we also saw the house that shakespeare was born in. it was pretty neat! oh and also the church where he is buried. the whole town was shakespeare everything. we got to see a play too... king lear. it was a little strange. our seats were on the very last row... and they were hung from the wall so your feet dangled down... it was interesting. i was really lost the whole time- and it was really really long. consequently, i took a little nap. i was really happy when it was over, and so happy to see the coach when we got back- believe it or not! (i wish i had a love for shakespeare)

{anne's cottage}
{shakespeare's birth place}{the church where he is buried}{coach love}

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  1. OH MY GOSH. I choked on the orange i was eating when i saw the title of this post. I'm not even kidding. Ah, I love Shakespeare.