Monday, March 22, 2010

london's best kept secret....

on saturday, rachel and i went to cath kidston- and i bought another bag! (coming soon)- then we went to broadway market. lets just say it is probably in my top five favorite things in london! it was a market with food and cool vintage and handmade goods. it reminded me a lot of the salt lake farmers market, but better! there were so many yummy goodies, and lots of good food. i wanted to buy one of everything. the good thing about markets though, is you get to taste everything for free! i had the best sun dried tomato pesto... it was soooo good! we walked up and down the market trying to decide what to eat for lunch, and we stumbled on perhaps the best burgers known to mankind:

-1 beef patty
-a hunk of grilled onions
-fresh blue veined cheddar

-1 whole wheat bun

-3 scoops of apple chutney

we both decided to get one, and it was the best! i could eat one of those everyday! seriously. needed something to wash that deliciousness down, so we got raspberry pear fruit juice. it was very refreshing! the next decision was very hard... desert! i decided on two cute little cupcakes from this darling cupcake stand called violet's cupcakes. i had vanilla blackberry, and coconut milk. not only were they mini and adorable, but delicious as well. i also tried the best chocolate coconut fudge! i wanted to buy some, but to to my lack of love for sweets, i figured it probably would have gone bad.
oh- i almost forgot, and there was this man playing "girls just wanna have fun" on the upright bass... it was perfect. i loved browsing through all the vintage shops and stands. it would be very dangerous if that very market was in utah every weekend... i would buy the whole thing! i did buy some great button rings though- i love them. i am so happy we discovered this market. i just wish it was a little earlier in our stay, but i think i can make it back at least one more time in my last month here.

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  1. Yum..... I can see why it could be a dangerous place!