Sunday, March 28, 2010

crystal palace fc....
yesterday, i was fortunate enough to go to an english football match! it was so so fun. jen has a friend from salt lake who lives here, and he hooked us up with great tickets. we were sitting right behind all the action! i forget how much i miss soccer. it was quite the experience seeing all the crazy fans- we even watched one get carried off the field. i have been wanting to do this ever since i got here, and i am glad i finally did!
{i wish that really happened.}

after the game, we went to giraffe for dinner. it was my first time going there, and i loved it! i had an amazing bbq burger, and then a banana split waffle for dessert! i want to go back if i have time before i leave. it was the cutest place, and it was the best diet coke i have had the whole trip. if you ever come to london- go there!

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