Friday, March 19, 2010

paris... day three.

today we went to norte dame! we got to climb all the way to the top and even into the bell tower where quasimodo used to hangout. i was able to find my inner gargoyle. it was wonderful. oh and the veiw?? fabulous. i loved it.
{finding our inner gargoyle}
{christina, jen, laura, rachel, me, and jenny with mr. bell}
next, we went to sainte chapelle. another church famous for its stained glass windows. there is a reason it is famous... because the glass was spectacular! seriously took my breath away. it was great.

after that, we went to the cluny museum and saw the lady with the unicorn tapestries. they were huge and great, just like the churches. i almost forgot... on the way there, i had the best almond croissant i have ever had in my life. it was so doughy and good... if i could have bought all of them i would have. it changed my life.

we took a nice walk from there through luxembourg gardens, and after walking and walking and walking, we finally got to mouffetard street... one of the oldest streets in paris. they had fun shops up the whole street, and had a market feel to it. this is where ice cream changed my life. (yes my life was changed forever from croissants and ice cream.) we had the most amazing ice cream i have ever had... it was seriously sooooooo yummy- and it was even in the shape of a flower. best thing ever.

after this jake, jen, and i went to the musee d'orsay. this was my favorite museum. it was in an old train station, and the building alone just had a cool feeling. there is something about buildings with tall, huge ceilings that i love. they had a special exhibit with a lot of van gogh's stuff... like his self portrait, and degas' dancers. we then went to the rodin museum, and saw the thinker! it was neat, i didn't get to see the whole thing- i wish i would have.

we also went back to the eiffel tower to take some pictures during the day. jake was quite the photographer and got some nice action shots of me and jen. we sat on the grass for a while and relaxed. i like the color of the tower in the day too... at night it looks almost white, but it was nice to see its true color.

we had pizza again for dinner at a yummy italian place near the tuileries, and then went to the louvre! on tuesdays it is open late, so we were able to spend about two hours in there, but that was not even enough time to see even one section on one floor. that place is huge! so with what time we had, we saw the famous things... like the mona lisa. i didn't think we were going to be able to take pictures of it, but luckily we were able to. i loved seeing things i have always heard about in real life, and hope to spend time in the louvre next time i visit paris!

{i hate that this is blurry}

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