Friday, March 12, 2010

the beacon

my dad always talks about his "gerald r. ford moments." when i was little, we went to vail, colorado and saw a seals and croft concert at the gerald r. ford amphitheater. my dad has been talking about that night my entire life when he has had other cool experiences to the one we had in vail. why that night was so special to him... i don't know, but hiking to the top of this beacon and seeing the view of the valley in herefordshire was definitely a gerald r. ford moment for me. these pictures do not even come close to the real thing... it was so beautiful. the hike to the top was quite the hike. once we got to the top, the wind was blowing like crazy! it was hard to even stand- i felt like i was going to blow right off the top! despite the hike, the cold, and the wind, it was totally worth it, and will always be one of my gerald. r. ford moments.

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  1. that look so beautiful! what's better than the english countryside?