Tuesday, March 23, 2010

dreamboats and petticoats...

tonight i flew solo, and went to dreamboats and petticoats the musical. i loved it! it was very upbeat, and had a great love story. it was based on music from the 60's, and the actors played all the music on stage, and didn't fake it! they were all amazing! i was for sure the youngest one in the whole place by like thirty years... haha. during the last number, they invited the audience to stand up and sing and dance- so i was twisting and shouting with the geriatrics. they were all having so much fun... i hope i am like them when i am old. after buying a cd when the show was over, (which is very out of character for me, but i just loved it so much) i got stuck in the middle of some grannies and gramps headed to their senior citizen tour bus. they were everywhere- it was classic. i had no idea what the show was about before i went, but i thoroughly enjoyed it... and i even knew lots of the music! perhaps i will see it again before i leave! it was that good. {just imagine i am in this photo, i had no one to take one with me in it}
{they were literally lined down the block... senior citizen mobiles.}

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