Thursday, March 11, 2010

gelato and billy elliot.

there has been a cute gelato shop {botegga gelat0}under construction ever since we have been here, and it is finally open! on our way to the billy elliot matinee, tori, liza, and i stopped to get some yummy gelato. i had "bounty" flavored. bounty is a candy bar here that is kind of like an almond joy, but better. although i don't really ever crave sweets, i found something i will probably always crave! it was seriously so good! it was a beautiful day too, so i got to wear my shades and we got to sit outside and enjoy our gelato in the sun! after gelato we went and met kellen at the theater to see the show. it was really good! it was something i have been wanting to see for a while. i remember when it first came out it got a bunch of tony awards, so i wanted to see it. it was a heartwarming story, and although i will probably never see it again, i am glad i was able to go.

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