Friday, February 5, 2010

t h e
b r i t i s h
m u s e u m

{ mk, tori, and i }
{headstand of course}
{assyrian winged lions}
(round two)
we went to the british museum today as a group and had a list of things to look at. i have already visited once, but there are over one million artifacts there, so many trips are needed. i don't look too cute in any of these pictures, but oh well. i accidentally touched one of the statues when i was getting ready for the picture, and i got in big trouble! oops. we saw two huge rooms with a bunch of clocks in it... that was cool, and also a bunch of mummies and sarcophagus'. there was one guy that was buried in the sand in the hot desert, and his body was found and it was still intact with the hair and the skin- it was from about 3,000 b.c. isn't that crazy? it was a rather short trip because i wasn't in the best museum mode today, but hopefully i can make it back there before it's time to come home.


  1. If you go back, go to the Reading Room.
    Millons of books. Millions!
    I want to live there someday.