Thursday, February 4, 2010

d o v e r

we were lucky enough to visit the cliffs of dover! at first we were just going to be able to see the castle but the bus driver was nice enough to let us see both. we also got to see the dover war tunnels... these were used during world war to as headquarters for those stationed out of dover. dover was under heavy attack dirning the war because of its location on the coast. there are lots of ports there, and you can even see part of france from there if you look hard enough. there was over four miles of tunnels that had over 600 people working there round the clock during the war. the majority of the tunnels were built over 200 years ago to house military forces, but two other levels were added during the war. after our tour through these tunnels we got to go explore the dover castle.. it was so cool. it was fun to play around and take fun pictures. we climbed up all the stairs and went to the roof of the castle... the view was amazing. you could see out to the ocean, and see all the green rolling hills. it was very picturesque.

{the white cliffs of dover}

{mads, eliza, and i on top of the castle!}

{dover castle}
{tori, mary kate, and i in front of the castle}

{so green! so green!}

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  1. Did you notice the writings on the walls in the dungeon at the castle? Maybe the Count of Monte Cristo was a prisoner there!