Tuesday, February 16, 2010

party time...

a few friends and i were in charge of planning the valentines day party... and even though we did it a day late, it was still fun! we made sugar cookies and then got to frost and decorate them... they were so yummy! sugar cookies are my favorite! one of the requirements was that everyone had to wear valentines colors {white, pink, black, red, purple, grey, etc...} and i remembered i packed my valentines socks, so i planned my outfit around the socks. i may have looked silly... but at least i was festive. that's what counts! we played the famous couples game, where everyone has a name of a person taped to their back and you have to find your match by asking yes or no questions. it actually turned out to be really fun! i was cressida, and my mate was troilus. {they are a couple from a book we read for one of our classes} after the game and cookies, we set up the movie emma for people to watch if they wanted. i didn't watch it, because i went to bed really early {like 8:30} because i am getting sick so i need all the rest i can get! over all... it was a success.