Tuesday, February 2, 2010


we took a day trip to a part of london called southhall. we went to a sikh temple. it was so awesome. right when we got there we were asked to remove our shoes, cover our heads, and wash our hands. this building was built not too long ago- it is so big!
we went up into a huge room where their main worship takes place. it was very different from all the other churches i have been to since i have been here. it was just a big room with no where to sit except the floor! there was a big altar at the front that was so pretty. we all went up to the front to look at it, and kneeled down as we for to the front of the line, and touched out heads to the floor. it is a sign of respect because it shows that you acknowledge and remember god. there were people sitting reading their holy scriptures in a microphone... they do this every weekend and it takes 48 hours to read the whole thing! crazy huh?
after sitting in this room for a while, we went downstairs to eat... yes EAT! it is crazy... they just feed the masses for free. the food was actually pretty good- traditional indian food. it didn't look very good to eat at first but wasn't bad. some of it was a little to spicy for my taste- but it was a good experience.
after looking at this church we were free to walk around the town for a little while. i really felt like i hopped on a plane and went to a different country. my main mission on this exploration was to get henna! we looked everywhere and couldn't find it anywhere! we finally found a tube of it, and decided to go to mcdonald's to warm up and do it our own. mary kate did mine... it turned out pretty good i think. she hid both of our initials in it! we also got to eat at a yummy indian resturant... a lot better than the food at the temple. this is the first time i have ever had indian food and it was pretty good. some things were spicy but still good. we all were in our get up's to really experience it... bindih's and all!

{thank you tori. for the pictures... my camera went dead but i got a charger today! don't worry}

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