Sunday, February 14, 2010

twenty one.

saturday was tori's 21st birthday! happy birthday love! her mommy got us a hotel in london for her birthday night! even though we got there in the middle of the night because our flight was delayed... we still had fun! we had plans to hangout in our pj's and watch the olympics but that didn't happen... bummer. we did get to sleep in till almost noon... i loved it. i slept surprisingly well even though we were squished on that bed! it was worth it... i love snuggle slumber parties. later that night we went to one of our favorite restaurants... zizzi's. it is fresh authentic italian food... so so good. it kind of reminds me of trio at home- but "bedda" as we say here. (oh how we love our accents.) after we went to valentines day the movie- it was cute... a little cheesy in some parts, but that is ok. it was festive and the perfect flick for a girls night. it made me want a boy like ashton kutcher though... and of course we had birthday cake for tori. we didn't have candle's so we got creative and made a 2 and a 1 out of cardboard and decorated them, and she blew them off the cake instead of blowing them out. i love tori. i am very lucky to be her friend.

{we had the sweetheart suite... comple with an eggplant velvet comforter.}
{5 girls in one bed. squishy.}
{dinner at zizzi's- our favorite.}
{jen, tori, and i}
{how cute is her pin? i want one.}

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