Sunday, February 7, 2010

check, check, check!

i am realizing that i am running out of time. it has been nearly a month, and there is so much i still want to see and do! i decided that i can't waste any time while i am here, and make every minute count! i must say... i am very impressed with myself for what i was able to get done in one day!

  • Borough Market (again)
  • Evensong
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • China Town
we can't seem to stay away from borough market! the food there is so fresh and good that it is hard to not go on the weekends. they didn't have the sandwich i wanted for lunch, so i just got my weekly eclair and some amazing oranges. . . probably the best i have ever had.

{my oh so healthy lunch}
For our culture and community class we are required to take five self guided tours or "walks" around london to familiarize ourselves with different parts of the city. today i was able to do two- the seats of power and theater! i was able to see buckingham palace which was way cool! just like the pictures... but better! i was a little dissapointed though because the typical guards (the ones with the red coats and tall black furry hats) were no where to be found! bummer. but hey- at least i got to see the palace. we weren't able to go inside because that is where the queen lives, but a few months out of the summer it is open to the public because that is when she is on holiday. i guess i will have to come back... maybe the guards will be there then.

on the theater walk, i got to see a lot of theaters (go figure) and so many more shows i want to go see! i am going to have a hard time deciding what ones to see, but because we get a sweet student discount hopefully i can see a few of them. i also got to see picadilly circus for the first time... it is london's version of times square... and that is exactly what it reminded me of! china town was our next stop! it was so fun to walk around there... it is almost chinese new year so it was all decked out in fun decorations! we are planning on going back to eat there sometime.

we also were able to go to evensong at westminster abbey. it was so neat. they have little boys singing and it is angelic. that word describes it perfectly. their voices were amazing, and it filled the abbey so beautifully. it was a moving experience i highly suggest.

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