Wednesday, January 13, 2010

st. paul's

cute emma and i

rachel, jen, and i by the fire in the museum :)

we went to st. paul's cathedral. it was so neat! i had no idea that it was that big. it was awesome. i wish i could have taken photos inside but i couldn't- but to see some click here. next time you are in london, you should check it out. i enjoyed it a lot more than i expected to. a little culture is nice once in a while. we also visited the museum of london. there were only three rooms open so it was all way prehistoric and roman times- BORING. . . not really, but i was to sleepy to read the little plaques. i was very disappointed because the WWII room was closed. i am so intrigued by the war!

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  1. woah. good job for doing st. paul's so early. i think i crammed that into my last day/week by myself. i got some cool pics though... of the outside with my film SLR.

    i'll show you someday and we will sigh together...