Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{h e r r o d s}

rule #1. don't go there on a saturday.

rule#2. don't go there if you are hungry.

rule #3. don't go unless you plan on spending millions.

harrod's was amazing. it was also very crowded. we spent most of our time in the food halls in the basement. there was a lot of amazing food! and a ton of sweets too. there are these macaroons that i need to try still... and i will sometime in the next four months. i am trying to save money by not buying stuff like that because i don't love sugar, so i only buy when i am really in the mood. there was a lot of amazing merchandise there too, but i need to go back when i am more in the mood... or maybe i shouldn't. i am trying not to shop till the very end of my trip.. wish me luck! haha.

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