Wednesday, January 20, 2010

trafalgar square.
the national gallery.

the victoria albert museum.

right when i saw trafalgar square i really felt like i was in london... that is what i remember in the movies about london.
oh my and the
national gallery was amazing! i was not very thrilled to go there
{i went there for homework initially} at first, but once i got inside it was amazing. the paintings there are breathtaking. there are so many famous paintings there . . . it is unreal. i got to see van gogh's sunflower, along with a few others of his... like a wheat field with cypresses. it was so neat to see the actual paintings. there were many many more famous paintings that i didn't get to see, so i am for sure going to go back!

we also went to the victoria and albert museum aka. the
v&a. it was also very cool. we were only there for a little while and saw only two rooms. it is an amazing building with a lot of cool things! i can't wait to go back and explore more! it was a day full of culture, but i loved it believe it or not!

{the yellow stands for hope, friendship, and gratitude}

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