Sunday, January 10, 2010

day one.
27 Palace Court
London England
W2 4LP
{yes this is where i live}

despite the flight troubles, jen and i were reunited.
notice our matching jackets?? we are going to be twins the entire trip.
like my mom clogs, a very good investment.

right after we unpacked our things, we were forced to go on a walk of our little neighborhood. it was enjoyable despite my lack of sleep. this is rachel (a girl from east), emma (a CA/BYU friend), and a new friend christina. the little red phone booths really do exist! on the walk we saw whiteleys- a cool shoping centre where hitler wanted his headquarters if he took over england. good thing he is dead.

we also walked down the famous portobello road. this is where scenes from the movie notting hill were filmed. ahhhh hugh grant and julia. i can't wait to shop there. there are so many cool signs and street names. i am already a bit obsessed.


  1. Hooray!! LOVE the blog name/logo! You must have inherited creativity, style, and cleverness as well as fun feet from ya' mummie! And hey, Olivia and I also have great photos and memories of the amazing 27 Palace Court piece of heaven -- now you too girl, wa-hoo. ...EVERYTHING there is just SO BRITISH, "i'nit"? obviously! but it still just blows us gringos away!

  2. just WAIT until the portobello road MARKET. THEN you'll really know what "obsessed" is. (you have to go high up for the good deals...)