Sunday, January 10, 2010

day two.

.a run in hyde park

.and a long and cold walk in the city

well, after taking a nice jog in the park with everyone and their dog... literally (everyone has dogs here) we got ready for a journey in the city. we got to the city via the tube, and it was a complete ghost town. it was so bizarre. Imagine NYC with like five people and two shops open… that is how it was. it was so so freezing too, and began to snow near the end of our journey so we decided to cut it short. little did we know, the majority of the tube was shut down, so we waited and waited for the right train and it never came. our options were to walk in the freezing cold, or try and get on a bus back to our neck of the woods. luckily we were able to get some help from a nice british man and found our way home. it was quite an adventure!



  1. aaah! did i tell you? i remember i wanted to tell you to run in hyde park. but maybe i just thought it and you read my mind... i LOVED running in hyde park... yes... with everyone AND their dogS. can't wait til you get a "favorite route." it took me like a week...

  2. WOW! You look freezing! I wish I was there! So lucky.

  3. Karli, I remember a walk in hyde park when I was in the army on leave waiting for a troop ship to bring me home at the War's end. I met a cute girl from Scotland. We dated three times. She fell in love with me and wanted me to have her join me after I got home. Lots of the girls wanted to get to America. It is a wonderful park for walking and meeting new people.