Wednesday, January 20, 2010

salisbury cathedral

this has probably been my favorite thing so far! for each of our day trips, we have a little sch-peal before we get of the "coach" at each site. i learned that this church took only 38 years to build. at first i was like... wow that is forever! but once i saw how big it was and the detail, 38 years seemed like nothin! it was seriously so cool. and huge... i find it interesting that i love the bug cathedrals. i would have never guessed. i also loved this because it was so green green green. it was so amazing. the countryside is so amazing and i loved seeing all the cottages and shops and things. i highly recommend visiting there next time you are in salisbury.

p.s.{even though the outside was covered in scaffold, it is the most beautiful scaffolding i have ever seen}