Friday, January 22, 2010


.the roman baths and the bath abbey.
here i am getting ready to jump in! ahhh i wish! the roman baths were so cool! the water looked so appealing because it was fuhhh-reeeeezing cold outside! the baths were used back in roman times for public bathing, and have been well preserved so we can enjoy them today!
some more baths. can't you see the steam? so warm. as my frined tori and i were walking inside the building one of the rooms smelled exactly like the crater at the homestead in midway where we both got our scuba certification... must be something about the naturally hot water.
i checked my email before we ventured off to bath, and i had told mum earlier that we were going to bath. she told me to find sally lunn's buns and buy one. they were my grandma tyson's favorite, and she always had to make a special trip to bath to get a bun when she was visiting england.
the buns were buy 3 get 1 free... so of course... we walked out of the door with 4! they are seriously bigger than my head, and very yummy! i ate one in your honor grandma!

BATH {bahhhh-thhh} is such a cute little town. i am obsessed with it. i hopefully want to take a trip back out there before i leave. the abbey was closed for a memorial so i didn't get to take a very good look inside, but we were able to see the bath assembly rooms- those were neat! the chandeliers were hanging all the way to the floor because they were down for cleaning. . . they were huge! there were so many cute shops that i didn't get to check out. i did get to stop into a cute paper store and get some fun postcards. we got some amazing fudge and a crepe too!

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  1. I'm sure grandma is smiling... Bath is one of my favorite towns too!