Thursday, January 28, 2010

kitchen duty: one of my favorite things so far!

kellen, hobart, and i
me, alyssa, katie, anna, and
lauren getting ready for enchiladas!

we have amazing food here. the resident director and his wife cook home cooked meals every night. it is amazing. . . seriously some of the best food i have ever had. there is a huge kitchen and huge everything to make theses yummy meals happen for 50+ people. there are two weeks out of the semester that i have to help with the preparation and cleanup of the meals. at first i was dreading it, but my the end of my first day i loved it! i asumed the postition of "hobart girl". hobart is our trusty dishwasin-sanitizer. we all rinse our dishes in tubs of water upstairs after eating... then they get sent downstairs on the "dumb waiter". (he is a mini elevator, or "lift" as they say here in the uk, that carries food and dishes up and down the flights of stairs ) once they reach the kitchen, they are arranged onto racks where they go through hobart. after we dry then and back upstairs they go! i loved doing the dishes... i have become quite the washer the past few days. . . besides the dishwashing, it has been fun to help and watch all the different kinds of food prepared. sister schuler.. a.k.a. terri never makes the same meal twice... its amazing! we have had everything from enchiladas to thai curry. i only have one day left of kitchen crew, and i am sad to see it go, but in about a month it should be my turn again.

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  1. Looks like FUN! You'll have to bring home some of her recipes!