Friday, January 22, 2010

a short trip to the british museum:

we took a little trip for one of my classes to see a couple of important things in the british museum. we saw a frieze from the bassae temple that is still in greece! it was so cool... there is so much detail in all the stone work here... it amazes me. we also got to see the frieze and the pediments from the parthenon. it has been removed from its original place to be better preserved. i hope to take a trip to greece one day, and see the other parts to both of these things! we also got to see the rosetta stone- that was neat! i didn't bring my big camera on this trip so the photos are a little fuzzy, but you can still get the idea. just as the other museums, i am going to have to come back to check out all the cool things here.

jen, me, mary kate, macy, jenny, and i in front of the pediment that was once on

this is a frieze that hung above the entrance to the parthenon back in the day. i learned that these are gods sitting on the benches, because they are a lot taller than the other people on other parts of the frieze. there was a huge room and this just wrapped around the whole thing. it was really cool to see!

mary kate, jen and i in front of the rosetta stone.

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