Thursday, January 28, 2010

the circle of life.

this was my third time seeing the lion king. i love it oh so much! (and i just talked to mum today and it is coming to salt lake in september, and i am going again) it is just such a moving experience i think. i love all the music, not to mention the music with a hint of a brit accent! oh and timone and pumba were sooo good- they sounded exactly like the movie. rafiki was probably my favorite... (after grown up simba that is...) she was so funny and did such a good job. i was so happy we were able to see it- i was on kitchen crew and so we practically ran from the tube stop to the theater to make it on time, but luckily we did! we even dressed up in animal print! fun huh?
(my camera is dead so i had to steal this from MK, but i have a charger on its way in the mail so don't worry- it wont happen again!)

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