Friday, January 15, 2010

today, we went to
the tower of london.

it was so cool! i never knew that it had all those cool colors. i am very thankful that it was not snowy today so i could see all the green! one thing i really wanted to do while i was here is see the crown jewels.
{check} they were so neat. i saw part of the largest diamond ever found called the first star of africa. it is over 530 carats. i was thankful for my camera, and for all the fun pictures i took!

we also visited the monument. this was made to mark where the great fire of london started in 1666. the fire lasted for about three days, and ruined a large part of the city, including st. pauls cathedral (see previous post) and so a large majority of the city had to be rebuilt. crazy huh?

we also visited borough market. lets just say i was in heaven. i was starving when we got there, and had the best hamburger ever... i should have taken a photo of it, but i practically inhaled it. there was so many options to choose from, so i know i will have to go back. next time i go i want to get:

another eclair {it was so yummy, and probably as long as my forearm}
and some fruit

the produce there was amazing.
i wish i would have got some...
that just means i have to go back next weekend.


  1. you are practically bringing a tear to my eye with your burough market writings. i did NOT go back as often as i wanted.

    i shall go vicariously through you because you will not make the same mistake i did. :)

  2. i will go with you next weekend!! obsessed with that place.